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Battalion Handbook 19/20

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Church Service

Our Annual Church parade will be held on 6th October at 3-30pm in 1st Larne Presbyterian Larne

Gift Aid

Increase the income of your Company by as much as 28% of annual subscriptions.

If you get your parents who are UK taxpayers to complete the declaration you be able to claim an income tax repayment from the Inland Revenue.

This is part of the Gift Aid scheme which came into force on 6th April 2000.

The notes on declaration explain the regulations in more detail.

How Gift Aid works

Charities take your donation (which is money you've already paid tax on), and then reclaim tax on its 'gross' equivalent (its value before tax was deducted) at the basic rate of 22 per cent.

In practice, this means that if you give £10 to charity using Gift Aid, that gift is worth £12.82 to the charity. This is because 22 per cent of £12.82 is £2.82 your £10 being the difference.

The Gift Aid scheme is only for monetary gifts and there are rules limiting the value of benefits you can receive in return.

Here is an example letter of how to register.

Here is an example letter to send to the parents

Here is an example of the notes to send to the parents.

Here is an example declarationto send to the parents.

Further details on the scheme are available here.