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A thought from the Chaplain

April 2020

Well folks, who'd have thought it, not a Display or a Parent's Night in sight, not even on the radar. Covid19 has changed everything, well almost any way. School's out and it's nowhere near summer. A & E's around the country, so I'm told anyway are deserted, unheard of. Churches closed the length and breadth of the island, it'll be interesting to see how full they are when all of this is over.

If you're on the frontline of the battle against Covid19, and no doubt some of you are, thank you. We, in the BB family are massively in your debt and we are praying daily for God to protect you, guide you and grant you success in all that you are doing.

The other day someone sent me a short (7 seconds long) cartoon clip, showing a plane full of passengers, going into blind panic when the Pilot announces, 'Hi my name is, let's say John Brown, and I am WORKING FROM HOME TODAY.' I'm not great with flying at the best of times but that would definitely be the end of it. A plane with no pilot.

i think thats the scenario some folk think we are in right now. The world, they imagine, is out of control, there is no-one in the cockpit, no-one at the wheel. In fact of course, nothing could be further than the truth, God, the God and Father of our lord Jesus Christ is right now, as always, in complete control. Last night a friend, who works as a health professional, sent me this, 'One of the central tenets of the reformed faith is the sovereignty of God and I have no doubts about that or about His good purposes even through these events. In all things He acts for the good of those who love Him.'

So, so true and it is here that even in unprecedented times like this, we find our comfort, our peace and our hope. Our God reigns. He is good, always. In everything He acts for the good of those who love Him. Have no doubts folks and encourage others to do the same.

Stay safe folks. Be encouraged. God bless.

Leslie Addis

January 2020

Do you feel the world is broken?

The song, 'Is He worthy?' is quickly become a fans' favourite in terms of contemporary Christian worship music. It certainly is in our fellowship and our house, not to mention my car!

It was written by Andrew Peterson & Ben Shive and my guess is, the song is based on words taken from Revelation 5, words about Jesus,

"Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation, and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth."

The song asks deep, heart searching questions about how we see the world,

Do you feel the world is broken?
Do you feel the shadows deepen?
Is all creation groaning?
Do you wish that you could see it all made new?

The first time I heard it, I remember thinking, 'Who doesn't!? Do I ever? Big time! Broken to bits!'

At the same time the song is truly uplifting, encouraging, even inspiring as it reminds us, that despite everything, the Father truly loves us, the Spirit moves among us, Jesus our Messiah holds forever those He loves, the new creation is coming and not least that God intends to dwell with us again!

What an encouragement!

What hope

God will dwell with us, walk among us, be our God, as it was in the beginning so it will be again. The best is yet to be! (In case you get fed up before you've read to the end, keep going! Never think of quitting!)

My favourite line in the song asks the simple question, 'is it good that we remind ourselves of this?' And back comes the answer, 'IT IS.' And isn't it just? Not just good, but important, even crucial.

I need to be reminded, and I'm sure you do too. It's a bit like the old hymn, 'tell me the old, old story,' when it says, 'tell me the story often, for I forget so soon,' or like the well known saying, 'preach the gospel to yourself, every day.' We get bogged down, we become weary, we lose sight of the big picture!

If we ourselves are to 'endure to the end,' as followers of Christ, and if we are to persevere in the ministry and mission entrusted to us by God, we need to be constantly reminded that things will not always be this way, Jesus is indeed going to make everything new. A day, an age, a forever, is coming, soon, when death, disease, danger and despair, will be no more. No more sickness or sadness, sorrow or sin.

Deep within the hearts of our boys, their friends and families, God has set eternity. If you like a sense, that things have not always been this way, will not always be this way. It is a longing that the things of this world cannot satisfy. They were made for something better, something bigger.

What a privilege to serve in Boys' Brigade, an organisation that points to Jesus and declares unashamedly that the something that boys and their families, lack and long for, is in fact, someONE, Jesus, the Saviour of the world.

He alone is worthy.
He alone can fulfil us.
He alone can satisfy.
He alone can fill the emptiness that so many sense within their hearts.
He alone can save!
And one day, He WILL make everything new!

Is it good that we remind ourselves of this? You better believe it! Press on!

Leslie Addis